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After the Party

Romantic Times, 4.5 stars:

"A quirky start quickly develops into a believable story filled with humor, a dash of corporate intrigue, well-drawn characters and a sweet romance."

Must Like Kids

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

"An endearing hero makes for a sweetly satisfying read."

The Pretend Proposal

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

"Braun’s latest is a funny story with snappy dialogue and great characters."

The Princess Next Door

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

"Great characters, snappy dialogue and a fast pace bring this fairy tale to life."

Mr. Right There All Along

Romantic Times, 3 stars:

"The plot is interesting and the dialogue is filled with humor."


Review by Romanceaholic:

"A very fast, light-hearted read, this book was absolutely wonderful. While at times it bordered a bit on chick-lit, in that there was a great deal of pressure on Chloe to accept herself for who she was, and to stand up to the people who were constantly taking advantage of her and making her feel inferior, there was a strong emphasis on the budding romance between best friends. Simon was delicious, and Chloe felt real, and I simply could not wait for them to get together."

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Review by One Good Book Deserves Another blog:

"Braun's book was a delicious treat and I enjoyed it immensely. Her writing style is light, humorous, and fun. Her characters were likable and had great chemistry. The plot was quick to develop, well-paced, balanced, and entertaining."

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Review by Wendy the Super Librarian on The Good, The Bad and the Unread
Grade: B plus:

"This is a lovely, sweet story."

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The Daddy Diaries

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

"This is a charming story with true-to-life characters who reveal the treasure of family. Read it in front of a cozy fire on a cold winter evening."

America's Star-Crossed Sweethearts

Romantic Times, 4.5 stars:

"Braun has penned a wonderful tale. She gives their tragic childhoods the respect they deserve without slowing the pace or their growth. This is a worthy addition to the Bella Rosa saga and an excellent stand-alone."

Inconveniently Wed!

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

"A great storyline, interesting characters and a fast pace help immerse readers in this tender tale."


Review by Dear Author
Grade: B:

"The Big Mis at the end is also handled nicely. It makes sense, could easily happen and be misconstrued just as it is. But I like that Jonas insists on knowing what has gone wrong, doesn’t try and lie about what upset Serena and seizes the opportunity to set things right in a way Serena can’t possibly ignore. Their public reconciliation will probably be the talk of Vegas for years. ... I’m having luck with the Harlequin Romance line. The heroines aren’t doormats and the heroes aren’t b******* – as plainly seen in “Inconveniently Wed!” Jonas is a sweetie and I think the wilder Serena will be good for him and his tie wardrobe."

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A Dinner, A Date, A Desert Sheikh

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

Caterer Emily Merit isn’t looking for love when she meets businessman Madani Tarim at a client’s dinner. She’s still getting over her controlling ex betraying her with her younger sister. Awareness grows between them when Madani hires Emily to do a dinner party for him, but he’s not free to get involved — as the heir to a Middle Eastern throne, he’s about to enter into an arranged marriage. Emily’s hurt when she learns the truth, but all may not be lost! Quite humorous at times, with beautifully written characters, this is a terrific read.”

Confidential: Expecting!

Romantic Times, 4.5 stars:

“Solidly plotted with an edgy, slightly abrasive heroine and an equally unforgettable hero, this story is a great read. Don't miss it.”

Boardroom Baby Surprise

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“A straightforward plot and conflict keep things moving, and there’s a lovely edge to both Morgan and Bryan.”

Pink Heart Society, 5 hearts:

 "Jackie Braun did an excellent job of taking the reader from one emotion to another. Each page was better than the page before. Each chapter more interesting than the last. ... Ms Braun's wonderful command of the English language makes reading her books a delightful experience that carries you from laughter to tears and back again."

Marrying the Manhattan Millionaire

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“(Marrying the Manhattan Millionaire has) got a familiar premise, but it works beautifully because the characterizations are so strong. The banter between Sam and Michael alone makes it worthwhile.”

The Tycoon’s Christmas Proposal

 Romantic Times, 4½ stars:

“Jackie Braun's The Tycoon's Christmas Proposal strikes just the right balance between humor and deep emotion, and Dawson's an unforgettable hero. Top-notch.”

A Venetian Affair — Destination: Marriage

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“Destination: Marriage All three of these stories deliver -- in terms of characterization and, especially, sensuality. The glamorous settings and witty banter between the well-matched pairs are a bonus.”


Expecting A Miracle

Romantic Times, 4½ stars:

“Jackie Braun's Expecting a Miracle is packed with emotion and humor, and all of the characters are rich and detailed.”


Moonlight and Roses

Romantic Times, 4½ stars:

“Jackie Braun's Moonlight and Roses spins a familiar premise into a truly special story. It's sexy and funny, and the characters are fabulous.”

Found: Her Long-Lost Husband

Romantic Times, 4½ stars:

“Jackie Braun winds up Secrets We Keep trilogy with Found: Her Long-Lost Husband, a wonderfully written tale with excellent characterizations, great dialogue and a surplus of sizzle.”

Their Very Special Gift

Romantic Times, 3 stars:

“Jackie Braun's Their Very Special Gift is a wrenching, unflinching portrayal of what infertility can do to a relationship.”

The Businessman's Bride

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“Jackie Braun's The Businessman's Bride combines traditional conventions with modern elements to good effect. There's plenty of plot, but it never overshadows the romance.”

A Romantic Review, 4 flowers:

“If you like emotional stories that give you something to think about then be sure and pick up a copy of this special book.”

Saying Yes to the Boss

A Conlans of Trillium Island trilogy — Book 3
Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“Jackie Braun winds up The Conlans of Trillium Island with Saying Yes to the Boss. Strong plotting, deft characterization and genuine chemistry between Regina and Dane add up to a rewarding read.”

Their Unfinished Business

A Conlans of Trillium Island trilogy — Book 2
Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“Jackie Braun's second installment of the Conlans of Trillium Island takes a fresh approach to a classic plot, succeeding because the characters' motivations ring true, which in turn makes their reunion sweet and believable.”

A Woman Worth Loving

A Conlans of Trillium Island trilogy — Book 1
Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“Jackie Braun begins The Conlans of Trillium Island trilogy with A Woman Worth Loving. Unconventional, multilayered characters and a beautiful setting add to a strong plot, making for a great read.”

Sex, Lies and a Security Tape

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“All three authors provide wonderfully entertaining reads that are romantic as well as sensual. For a fun and fast read, look no further.”

The Billionaire's Bride

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“Jackie Braun takes a simple concept and makes it work effectively through deft characterization and excellent dialogue.”

In The Shelter Of His Arms

Romantic Times, 4½ stars:

“Jackie Braun's latest story is truly remarkable, mainly because of its humor, its edge and its cast of realistic, vulnerable characters.”

The Game Show Bride

Romantic Times, 4 stars:

“A genuinely fun situation, great characters and a strong dose of originality distinguish Jackie Braun's latest.”

Her Stand-in Groom

Romantic Times, 3 stars:

"Her Stand in Groom by Jackie Braun, has a light, enticing setup that should capture readers' interest."

One Fiancee To Go, Please

Scribesworld Reviews, 5 stars, Reviewer's Choice Award:

"One Fiancee to Go, Please is a welcome edition to the ranks of the traditional romance. With characters that step off the page and fresh handling of the familiar false engagement plot, Jackie Braun is an author to watch."

True Love, Inc.

Romantic Times Review, 4½ stars, Top Pick:
"Intense emotion, a heartbreakingly vulnerable heroine, a wonderful hero, a beautiful setting and a truly compelling story make Jackie Braun's novel a poignant delight."

Scribesworld Reviews, 4 stars:

"Jackie Braun has reached to the depth of pain and the height of new love with this terrific book!"